Jose Zegarra-Malatesta

Publication profile IT/USERS is the leading information technology magazine covering all aspects of corporate computing. IT/USERS is a specialized magazine in Information Technology for a Peruvian and Latin American business managers as well as IT Decision Makers. IT/USERS readers are IT professionals; IT managers, corporate managers and any other IT decision makers. IT/USERS is dedicated to timely, reporting on the latest technology and IT events available to the Peruvian business managers. IT/USERS covers the domestic as well as the international IT markets trends and every issue features the latest on OS (MS Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux), Hardware & Software products up-dates, Networking & Telecommunication, New Tendencies, Corporate Profiles, VIP Profiles and Industry news. Journalist profile Mr. Jose Zegarra is a Graphic Designer and Digital Photographer specialized in Mac & PC plattforms. It has a vast experience of more than 20 years in the field of the Organizational Communication, has been Adviser of important companies of the Sectors of the Bank, Finances and Commerce as well as Associations of Users of Information Systems. At the moment of Magazine IT/USERS evolves like General Managing Director.